Индикатор уровня жидкости с тремя зубцами - черный

Двойная система предупреждения для более безопасной, безликой заливки
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Модель:  506455
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  • Primary sensors tell you when liquid nears the top
  • A second sensor changes pitch when you need to stop pouring
  • Accommodates rims thinner than 3/8"
  • Small enough to take with you
Three-Prong Liquid Level Indicator - Black - Never again risk the embarrassment and inconvenience of overfilling your dinner glass or coffee mug with this alerting liquid indicator. Ideal for those with low vision, this tech-savvy, vision impairment device will offset messy clean ups. Hang this low vision liquid level indicator on any cup or glass with a rim thinner than 3/8 inches and you'll know when to stop pouring. A chirping noise is sounded when the low vision primary sensors are touched by liquid. If the liquid continues to be poured and contacts the secondary sensor, a higher-pitched chirping noise warning you to stop will be sounded.
  • Модель: 506455
  • Производитель: Макси

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